Refund Policy

(Updated 30 May 2022)

If RABUAGAIN sends you an incorrect item, you are entitled to keep that item. Additionally, you may request a refund or replacement item be sent as compensation free of charge.
However, we cannot offer a refund/return for an item that was correctly fulfilled and shipped based on the order that was placed.

For an item that was returned to RABUAGAIN due to user error, in the case that you do not want the item anymore or do not wish to pay postage, a partial refund may be issued.
The refunded amount will be the original amount charged at the time the order was placed, minus a restocking fee of 10% of the item(s') value and the cost of postage.
Refunds will be returned to the original payment method provided outside of extenuating circumstances. If an order is unable to be refunded to the original payment method, it may be provided via an external service (i.e., PayPal), or in the form of a gift card at the request of the refund recipient.