[PREORDER] Love Live! Nijigaku Lanzhu Zhong Tera Jumbo Nesoberi


DEPOSIT ONLY: Once we receive the nesoberi, we'll contact you again about arranging for shipping - once that's received, we'll be able to send her to you!

ALL IN: All fees are covered, and the nesoberi will be shipped to you as soon as she's ready!

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Preorder Deadline: FEBRUARY 28TH 2022


 Series: Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club

Type: Tera Jumbo

Length: 100cm



In the interest of flexibility, a grace period is offered on pre-order goods. Until the Sunday following you placing your pre-order, you may cancel the pre-order and shippi receive a full refund. (For example, if you placed a pre-order on Tuesday, you would have a grace period of five days; Saturday, one day; Sunday, seven days.) However, after that Sunday, we are only able to refund half of the item's cost due to not being able to cancel an item after that time.