[PREORDER] Love Live! Nijigaku Shizuku Osaka Tera Jumbo Nesoberi



Due to the size of the nesoberi, and therefore the shipping cost to the US yet to be determined, we can only offer preorders on a deposit basis at this time. Once shipping costs have been determined, we will be able to offer all-in-one preordering as with the other nesoberi.

DEPOSIT ONLY: Once we receive the nesoberi, we'll contact you again about arranging for shipping - once that's received, we'll be able to send her to you!


Preorder Deadline: MAY 30TH

RELEASE DATE: September 2022

 Series: Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club

Type: Tera Jumbo

Length: 100cm



In the interest of flexibility, a grace period is offered on pre-order goods. Until the Sunday following you placing your pre-order, you may cancel the pre-order and shippi receive a full refund. (For example, if you placed a pre-order on Tuesday, you would have a grace period of five days; Saturday, one day; Sunday, seven days.) However, after that Sunday, we are only able to refund half of the item's cost due to not being able to cancel an item after that time.